And the journey begins again

BuBBy and I have been friends for well over a decade. We spend many a weekend together just chatting and drinking a few adult beverages. We also share a love of craft beer, both to consume and to homebrew. In that vein, we have been recording and producing a podcast together for the last 10 years or so called Brain Gravy. It has essentially evolved into a podcast about craft beer and our take on life in general, but mainly about the beer.

We have tried to be consistent, but like with everyone, life gets in the way. Work, raising children, keeping a household, dealing with family, you get the idea. Because of that, we have bursts of creating the podcast, then we go years without doing anything. In fact, the last episode of Brain Gravy was over 2 years ago. But now, with our children older, and established in life, BuBBy and I are going to once again bring back our beloved pet project. We are going to, in earnest, try to produce 2 or more episodes a month. Probably shorter episodes, but constant content.

So, with that preamble, I would like to announce the relaunch of Brain Gravy, this time calling it Brain Gravy 2019 or Brain Gravy Pi (something to do with integers or the like). Along with that, we have created an Instagram account and new website, both with the moniker of “Brain Gravy online”. So, join us on our rebirth, which will include the podcast, online beer reviews, and just general nonsense.

Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!!


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